Services We Offer


Ever feel like “Is this all there is” Or “There has to be more” or “I have these dreams and goals and am not sure how to get there?” If so, then let’s talk. Coaching is identifying your strengths and passion, and formulating plans to pursue your vision and achieve your goals. This is where you can find information, direction, and encouragement. We focus on the positive things we can add to life instead of the negative. It is about commitment, intensity, and hope. How do you want to live and what do you want to accomplish? People that have achieved their goals and have done great things, didn’t wake up one day to someone declaring, “Surprise! You did it!”. They went hard after them. You can too. Make the rest of your story what you dream of.


Lots of us have chapters in our stories that repeat the same theme… bad stuff happens, we think less of ourselves, and more bad stuff happens. We get “stuck” in the negative. Trauma is a popular and important word today. Trauma is awful, but what if we can learn and grow to the place where our trauma stories don’t cause us trauma anymore? What if we can identify the negative places and actually learn from them and become positive healthy-minded, joy-filled people? That’s what we all hope and mostly don’t believe. But what if it were true? At Parable, we don’t look at counseling from a “see us every couple of weeks for years” philosophy. We help you identify what is going on and how you think, and then we offer tools to help you heal your story. ​


Splankna therapy is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology to address what is going on in the heart, the mind, the body, and the spirit. Our subconscious mind catalogs our life experiences, and the emotions that are associated with them are stored in our physical bodies like electrical charges. Have you ever found yourself over-reacting to a situation, or found yourself caught up in the same response loop – not even sure how you got there? These stored emotional responses get triggered, resulting in some form of over-reaction (usually not pretty) and most of us decide this is just “normal”. Somehow, somewhere deep inside we know that something is “off” and we wish we could fix it, but we don’t know how. Want to understand more? Come in and change the hard parts of your story to the great stuff that was intended!

Athlete Strong

Being an athlete means having a passion and intensity that says “This is who I am. I can do this.” But sometimes injury happens. What do you do then? You have great physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers but perhaps you could do something else. How about coaching sessions to help you cope with the changes in your season and/or your career. We will work alongside with your doctors, and therapist and trainers to help you follow their direction and guidance no matter how difficult it may be.


At Parable, we will be running groups that are appropriate for the needs we see at the moment. Our groups state the obvious – there is a problem and it’s not joy-filled, and then we focus on how to manage and cope. This is the “how” of not only managing to function with these issues but “how” we grow, return to joy and find hope. Some people have shied away from groups feeling like “I just can’t listen to others’ problems too!” But a group is as healthy as the facilitator who leads it. We lead groups always from a positive perspective with the intent, like everything else at Parable, being – this is where the story starts to make sense and becomes positive and joy-filled


Need a dynamic, energetic and confident speaker for your next conference or meeting that will bring positivity with solid, helpful and life-changing information? Parable Coaching will create a tailor-made presentation for your next engagement. Janet and her team have spoken around the country and in Canada. Attendees gain tools, strategies, perspectives, along with inspiration and motivation which uplift and transform teams and individuals alike!

Challenges We Help With

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Athletes in Rehab
  • Grief and Loss
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Autistic Children
  • Children who are adopted or in foster care
  • Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Pre-Marital/Marriage Coaching
  • Finding Hope/Your Purpose/Your Passion
  • Life Stress
  • SRA