One of our goals at Parable Coaching and Counseling is to be different in a hugely positive way! We want to offer great counseling and coaching that isn’t a commitment ​of ongoing appointments forever. We believe people need information and tools and encouragement. So we offer good listening, solid information, and good tools, and invitations to consider more from your story, always with a lot of joy and encouragement. Come to Parable and heal your story.


Janet is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Pastor. She is master level certified in Splankna Therapy, and also pre-marriage counseling by Symbis and she is a member of the American Christian Counselors Association. She has been married to Scoop for over 34 years. They have three married children and one grandchild. She received her Bachelors of Science in Health Education from Bowling Green State University and has a Masters in Counseling Education from Siena Heights University. Janet is a passionate and much sought after speaker and teacher. Much of Janet’s story has been shaped by experiences in track and field, as a competitor, a coach, and as an official, including USA Team Trials and Olympic Games.

Janet’s view of counseling and coaching:
In the stories of our lives… difficult things happen. There are beautiful and joyful things, but they can often get over-run by challenges and mess. Once we learn that “Every moment is an opportunity for greatness” and learn from our story, we can deal with our whole story. When all of it starts to make sense, the “lights come on” and we can make the connections of the “how” and “why’s” and “what ifs”… Then, we find gratitude and joy in our stories, no matter how difficult some of the earlier chapters were. Then we can go on and write the rest of our stories with hope. That is what counseling and coaching is… showing everyone they CAN.

Janet works from a Biblical perspective and believes we are all uniquely and wonderfully made. Her clients do not have to believe as she does, but she wants them to know this is the perspective she works from, lives from, and teaches from. This is the way Janet writes her story. Janet looks forward to the honor of helping you find courage, hope, and joy to write the rest of your story. Want more information contact:
[email protected]

Orie Tzion

My new office therapist. Orie is a Australian Labradoodle from Greystone Australian Labradoodles. Loosely translated, Orie’s name means God’ light and comfort. Orie looks forward to welcoming you! If you are not a person who wants to pet him, he will not bother you. 😊