Splankna Therapy

Splankna therapy is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology to address what is going on in the heart, mind, body, and the spirit. Our subconscious mind catalogs our life experiences, and the emotions that are associated with them are stored in our physical bodies like electrical charges.

Have you ever found yourself over-reacting to a situation, or found yourself caught up in the same response loop – not even sure how you got there? These stored emotional responses get triggered, resulting in some form of over-reaction (usually not pretty) and most of us decide this is just “normal”. Somehow, somewhere deep inside we know that something is “off” and we wish we could fix it, but we don’t know how.

Want to understand more? Come in and change the hard parts of your story to the great stuff that was intended!

Challenges We Help With

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Athletes in Rehab
  • Grief and Loss
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Autistic Children
  • Children who are adopted or in foster care
  • Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Pre-Marital/Marriage Coaching
  • Finding Hope/Your Purpose/Your Passion
  • Life Stress
  • SRA