Personal or professional goals you want to reach? Find hope in the midst of challenges, and set and reach goals. It’s intentional and it’s fun!


Life is hard sometimes and we all can get stuck in the difficulties. Find hope and encouragement to cope and live positively!


Splankna therapy is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology to address what is going on in the heart,the mind, the body and the spirit.

Athlete Strong

Are you an athlete struggling with an injury, doing everything to recover? Let us help you with the anger, grief and pain to find your direction.


Are you looking for a motivating and inspiring presentation? We often get reviews like, “Best Speaker I’ve ever heard or This changed my life!” Contact us today.

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Coaching is identifying your strengths and passion, and formulating plans to pursue your vision and achieve your goals. This is where you can find information, direction, and encouragement. Make the rest of your story what you dream of.

What if I told you...

You are an amazing person Created with a purpose To do amazing things.

What if I told you...

No matter how hard it is right now Life can get better. You can truly find joy, Even if you can’t see it right now

What if I told you...

It’s not about you not being able. Not able – is just not having the tools yet.

What if I told you...

Being tired of being stuck Being tired of struggle without progress Not knowing how … is a GREAT place to be…

What if I told you...

You can hope You can cope You can find joy.

Come in and find the tools….

Because you can.

Our Team


In the stories of our lives… hard things happen. There is beautiful and joyful things, buth they can often get over-run by challenges and mess. Let’s find the positive!



Our mission is to help people work through difficulties in life using God’s plan for healthy relationships and for personal success.