Counseling Services

Lots of us have chapters in our stories that repeat the same theme… bad stuff happens, we think less of ourselves, and more bad stuff happens. We get “stuck” in the negative. Trauma is a popular and important word today. Trauma is awful, but what if we can learn and grow to the place where our trauma stories don’t cause us trauma anymore? What if we can identify the negative places and actually learn from them and become positive healthy-minded, joy-filled people? That’s what we all hope and mostly don’t believe. But what if it were true? At Parable, we don’t look at counseling from a “see us every couple of weeks for years” philosophy. We help you identify what is going on and how you think, and then we offer tools to help you heal your story. ​

Challenges We Help With

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Athletes in Rehab
  • Grief and Loss
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Autistic Children
  • Children who are adopted or in foster care
  • Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Pre-Marital/Marriage Coaching
  • Finding Hope/Your Purpose/Your Passion
  • Life Stress
  • SRA